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Economic Development Committee


The Economic Development Committee is tasked with the following duties and powers:

  1. Advise the Town Officers of actions and strategies to promote the growth of appropriate commercial and industrial entities, consistent with the Comprehensive Plan;
  2. To serve as Ambassadors of the Town, promoting Buckfield’s inexpensive land, available work force, and business-friendly zoning and other such duties as may arise within the general purview of these goals;

  3. To seek out resources, grants, professional advice that may be available to Buckfield.

  4. To promote a healthy Village area.

Current Members (5 Member):

Russell Clark, expires June 30, 2022
Janet Iveson, expires June 30, 2022
Zach Williams, expires June 30, 2022

Mark Fox, expires June 30, 2022

Richard Piper, expires June 30, 2024





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