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Town Manager

In Buckfield's form of government, Town Meeting serves as the Legislative Body. It adopts ordinances and budgets, and elects members to the Board of Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen are authorized to hire a Town Manager, whose function is to serve as the Chief Administrative Officer. While the Board directs the Manager, the Manager directs staff, and implements the policies the Board approves.

Below is a list of functions that the Manager's office oversees. If you have questions or concerns about a Town issue, please contact us. 

Areas of Responsibility

  • Responsible for assisting the Board of Selectmen

  • Prepare agendas for Board meetings and warrants for Town Meetings.

  • Oversees the operations of all Town of Buckfield departments.

  • Oversees all aspects of Human Resources for the Town.

  • Coordinates the application process for membership on local Boards and Committees.

  • Maintains sound, positive public relations between the Town and its citizens, other governmental agencies and the various Boards and Committees comprising the Buckfield Town Government.

  • Prepares the annual budget for the Town with assistance from other departments.

  • Acts as purchasing agent for the Town of  Buckfield.

  • Monitors all Town funds, overseeing disbursement of all expenditures and issuing checks.

  • Accepts positive innovations from the citizens of Buckfield to make the community an even better place to live. If you have any ideas or suggestions for enhancements, please call.

Cameron Hinkley, Town Manager

PO Box 179
34 Turner Street
Buckfield, ME  04220
Phone:  207-336-2521

Powers and duties of Town Manager:

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