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2023-2024 Revaluation

KRT Appraisal
191 Merrimack St, Suite 701
Haverhill, MA 01830
Tel (877) 337-5574
Fax (978) 914-7201

1. Press Release

2. Frequently Asked Questions

The Town of Buckfield has hired KRT Appraisal to perform a full revaluation, which includes on-site visits of all properties.

The Data Collector will be visiting all properties throughout the town starting in March 2023 until completed in early 2024. The Data Collector will verify interior and exterior information on your property record card.

The Data Collector will have photo identification, an introduction letter signed by the Town Manager, and an Assessor's office magnet on their car.


Additional information can be found at

Photos of the Data Collectors as well as their vehicles are below: 

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