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Ordinances and Regulations



Appeals Board Ordinance

Adult Use and Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Building Permit Ordinance

E911 Addressing Ordinance

Entrance Driveway Ordinance

Fire Chief Selection Ordinance

Floodplain Management Ordinance

General Assistance Ordinance

Key Lockbox Ordinance

North Pond Swimming Prohibition Ordinance

North Pond Water Intake Protection Ordinance

North Pond Water Quality Protection Ordinance

North Pond Watershed Protection Ordinance

Parking Ordinance

Re-Establishment of the Buckfield Planning Board Ordinance

Regulating No Thru Truck Traffic Ordinance

Route 117 Parking Ordinance

Self Governance of Local Food Ordinance

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

Special Amusement Ordinance

Stopping - Standing and Parking Ordinance

Street Construction Standards

Subdivision Regulations

To Recall Elected Officials Ordinance

Wind Energy Facility Ordinance

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